Antwon Tanner, 'One Tree Hill' Star, Goes to Jail for Dealing in Stolen Social Security Numbers

Antwon+Tanner in Premiere of Deon Taylor's
Actor Antwon Tanner walks the red carpet during the premiere of Deon Taylor's "Dead Tone" at the ICE Theater on September 3, 2009 in Chicago, Illinois. (Getty Images)more pics »Who knew One Tree Hill star Antwon Tanner had a second job? The actor is looking at three months in prison and another five months of house arrest after admitting to selling stolen Social Security numbers.

Tanner with his One Tree Hill co-stars (Getty)
According to, Tanner sold more than 12 Social Security numbers to an undercover agent for $10,000. His lawyer blamed the unwise dealings on "stupidity" and said that he "suffered financial reversals and lost a $1-million house in California to foreclosure."

A judge in Brooklyn has said that the actor will have to report to jail on April 30, but One Tree Hill is scheduled to return on January 17. As for how Tanner's departure will affect the show, no one over at the CW has commented yet.