Zimbio Exclusive Premiere: Love Crushed Velvet's 'Bye Bye Baby'

New York City's Love Crushed Velvet has created an anthemic breakup song with "Bye Bye Baby," a decidedly retro track mixed by Mark Needham (Blondie, Fleetwood Mac, The Killers). With its lyrics about a crushingly familiar subject — heartbreak — the song offers some catharsis in the form of big guitars and a dark melody.

"The end of relationships is ode of the most difficult things for someone to process — a disorienting feat for even the most steely-nerved amongst us," explains the band's lead singer A.L.X., who adds that the song is about "the longing for clarity and the desire to maintain communication after it has long-since broken down so that we can know what it really is that went wrong. Which, ironically, we usually never really find out anyway..."

"Bye Bye Baby" is featured on Love Crushed Velvet's upcoming EP Delusions, which drops September 24.

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