How Do You Feel About Ashlee Simpson's Over-the-Top Engagement Ring?

Getty ImagesIn case you haven't heard: The youngest Simpson sister is getting married too. Yep, Ashlee Simpson is getting hitched to Diana Ross' son Evan, and she has a giant ring to prove it.

Ashlee's engagement ring (Neil Lane via People)
Simpson gave the world a first glimpse of her new bling in a Twitter picture Monday, but it had a hazy filter so it was a little hard to see just how ridiculous it is. Today, there's a very clear picture of the diamonds (and rubies).

The ring is definitely unique, there's no doubt about that. And it was a labor of love. Ross went to jeweler to the stars Neil Lane for the piece. "He took it very seriously and it was a wonderfully intense process," Lane told People. "Evan was really, really sweet and he was looking for something beautiful, a unique ring that said everything: love, romance, beauty, character. He didn’t want anything traditional." 

It also had to be expensive. It's a five-carat platinum and gold ring and also has 140 white diamonds and small ruby gemstone accents.

Okay, now you have the deets, so what do you think? Does it look too much like the Eye of Sauron? Or is it a modern engagement ring masterpiece? Vote in our poll below:

Poll: What do you think of Ashlee Simpson's engagement ring?
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  • It's not for me. More for Orcs.

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