What is Ashraf Sinclair were PM for a day?

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Fun interview question that Ashraf answered:"If I was Prime Minister of Malaysia for a day, I’d …" Ashraf's response was: "I would ask my secretary to call all the other Prime Ministers around the world and find out who’s free for coffee, and I’d make an impromptu, spontaneous visit to the ones that weren’t too busy. And I’d ask them what it was like to be them, what it was like when they were a child, and growing up. I’d have a conversation with all these world leaders about what moulded...Read Full Story

Ashraf Sinclair hosted environmental conference

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Sinclair was the emcee of the TUNZA International Children’s Conference on the Environment. The conference was held in Putrajaya at the end of August.Nice to see celebrities taking some time to work on causes that are important to them.“TUNZA ICCE is a chance for these kids to discuss environmental problems and come up with solutions together,” Ashraf explained, with a different kind of gleam in his eye. “The Agenda of Rio De Janeiro states that all world leaders must listen and pay heed to...Read Full Story