The 8 Biggest Moments from the 2015 MTV Movie Awards

There were tears, unamused children, abs, and a new 'Avengers' clip, for starters.

The MTV Movie Awards are always a good time. You never know what you're going to get in terms of fashion, the host always pushes the limits, and the award categories are completely frivolous and awesome. And, this year's show was no different.

Check out the best moments from the 2015 MTV Movie Awards:

1. Amy Schumer's opening monologue

It was Amy Schumer's first time hosting the big show and she went into it knowing she wasn't going to please everyone. And she definitely didn't — but she made some good wisecracks throughout her monologue. And she made "side vag" a thing (instead of side boob, duh). Over the course of the segment, she also pretended to murder Jimmy Kimmel with an arrow, made a crack about Furious 7 really referencing the poor people who saw Channing Tatum's Jupiter Ascending, and admitted that half the audience had no idea who she was and the other half though she was Meghan Trainor. Oof.

The crowd seemed fairly into her jabs, but Kevin Hart's adorable daughter was NOT impressed (probably because her dad's height was the subject of a few quips). This is a "get me outta here" face if we've ever seen one:

2. When Channing Tatum made twerking cool again

It was a brief, magical moment and we'll take it.

(He won Best Comedic Performance for 22 Jump Street, BTW.)

3. Shailene Woodley's Trailblazer Award speech

The starlet received one of the biggest honors of the evening and was both gracious and inspiring. She's pretty much our spirit animal these days. And she wrapped up her speech in a way you'd only expect at an MTV awards show: "I was going to say let's blaze on, but I don't know if I can say that, so let's trailblaze on!" she said.

(We'll also note here that Woodley won the Best Kiss prize as well and told the crowd that kissing co-star Ansel Elgort was like "kissing your brother.")

4. When the Avengers cast all took a knee for Robert Downey Jr.

RDJ won the Generation Award and his co-stars (including Scarlett Johansson and Chris Hemsworth) all took a knee in honor of his greatness. The actor told the crowd he's been waiting a decade for this — and has come a long way in that time. "I've grown up, I've struggled, I've failed, I've succeeded, I've partied way too much," he said. "I've tried to live honorably and never forget my love of the game or my friends."

The 8 Biggest Moments from the 2015 MTV Movie Awards

And then he shared a new Avengers: Age of Ultron clip. Bonus!

5. When Zac Efron almost went shirtless

At this point, we kind of expect Zac Efron to show up to things shirtless. He stripped down (with help from Rita Ora) almost exactly one year ago when he won Best Shirtless Performance at the 2014 show and he won the same award this year (during the pre-show) but the shirt stayed on. Then, when he and Dave Franco won Best Duo during the telecast, he was still clothed. Efron wasn't wearing anything under his jacket, though, so we call that a win.

The 8 Biggest Moments from the 2015 MTV Movie Awards
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6. When Kevin Hart brought his kids to the stage.

Kevin Hart's daughter was in better spirits when she and her brother Hendrix accompanied him to the stage to accept the Comedic Genius Award. Heaven was wearing her dad's jacket up there and little Hendrix did not want to let go of the popcorn statue. "That's too heavy for you," Kevin tried to tell him.

The 8 Biggest Moments from the 2015 MTV Movie Awards

Also, kudos to Hart for thanking his ex-wife and fiancée in the same speech.

7. When Dwayne Johnson entered with fire.

Kids, don't try this at home. The Rock promoted his new flick before presenting Movie of the Year and the display was quite impressive. It also probably made it really hot in there.

The 8 Biggest Moments from the 2015 MTV Movie Awards

(Of course, The Fault in Our Stars won. The MTV Movie Awards should've been renamed the Shailene Woodley Show this year.)

8. The Fault in Our Stars author John Green's overall sweetness

The author not only cried in the audience when Shailene Woodley gave her Trailblazer speech, he received crazy applause while accepting the Movie of the Year prize. He told the crowd: "People living with disabilities are just as beautiful and interesting." Awww.

The 8 Biggest Moments from the 2015 MTV Movie Awards

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