'Revenant' Reviews Solidify Leo's Frontrunner Oscar Status

The experts are pretty much unanimously in his corner at this point.

'Revenant' Reviews Solidify Leo's Frontrunner Oscar Status

Leonardo DiCaprio's long journey to Oscar glory appears to be near its end. With The Revenant open in limited release, the reviews are in, and the critics are onboard with Leo's Oscar bid. Add that to a round of expert predictions that unanimously place him as the eventual winner, and you've got a very solid chance of seeing Leo walk away with the gold this year.

The Reviews

After tallying 109 reviews, RottenTomatoes lists The Revenant as certified fresh with a score of 82 percent. (The more nuanced metacritic scores the movie at 75 out of 100.) Much like we saw with The Wolf of Wall Street, those critics seem to be genuinely impressed with Leo's performance, and the experience of seeing the movie, even when they're not totally sold on the story being told. What that's creating is a buzz that, much like we saw with American Sniper a year ago, is making The Revenant THE must-see movie of January.

The Experts

If you aren't familiar with GoldDerby, it's a great resource for anyone interested in doing a little armchair analysis of the awards race. The site polls a team of experts with Hollywood connections that give them the inside edge on predicting how Oscar voters will vote. And right now, 24 of those experts are unanimously predicting a win for Leo. The site's Golden Globe experts have also unanimously picked him to pick up a Globe this weekend. At this point it seems foolish to pick anyone against him.

With that in mind, here's where the Best Actor race stands now:

'Revenant' Reviews Solidify Leo's Frontrunner Oscar Status
JJ Duncan / Zimbio

And bonus! Here's Colin Farrell being uncomfortably confronted by a TMZ cameraman and revealing that Leo would get his vote for the Oscar. That's gotta seal the deal.

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