All your base are belong to Barack: The Internet memes of Brand Obama

The Internet loves Barack Obama .

Not like the fringe chunks of the World Wide Web carved out by those crazy Ron Paul backers either. No, Brand Obama is as mainstream as it gets and the presidential candidate just keeps getting the love online.

Sure, you know all about Obama Girl, but here are a few more Internet memes solidifying Obama's sizable presence on the Interweb.

1. Obama Girl
Barely Political , along with Amber Lee Ettinger have become an Internet sensation with this now ubiquitous tribute to the presidential hopeful.

2. Barack has beaten McCain! turn-based role-playing spoof
Ah the simple joys of turn-based role-playing. If only elections were this easy.

3. Barack Obama is your new bicycle
Imagine Barack Obama loving you enough to laugh at your jokes and subscribe to your RSS feed. Well if that kind of thing keeps you amused, boy do we have the site for you!

Christopher Beam had a sharp little analysis of this particular meme on his Slate blog (Read here ) in which he revealed that it took only one week for the whole thing to collapse back in on itself. He wrote:
4. We can has Obama
Barack Obama+lolcats=Internet purr.

5. Barack Obama as Sandman
This pretty much confirms that the Internet is full of geeks. The sad thing? I knew the exact issue of Neil Gaiman's "Sandman" in which this metaphor battle takes place between Lord Morpheus and the demon Choronzon.

A little substitution goes a long way in this case. Here's what Gaiman had to say about it.

6.'s "Yes We Can" video
When people think of Obama they generally fall on one of two sides: Either he's our nation's greatest hope, or he's liberal naivete incarnate. The same applies to's reworking of Obama's instantly classic campaign speech.

7. Remember who made you Mr. Obama
When Barack Obama voted in favor of FISA (the bill allowing unwarranted government wiretapping) the Internet turned against him (Read here ). Cory Doctorow over at Boingboing wrote "he's gone from 'best choice' to 'least worst choice' with one vote."

The outrage set off a traffic spike for where 'Net dwellers expressed a collective sense of betrayal with posters like this: