Alas, a Real-Life Batsuit Won't Make You Batman

An A for effort though.

Alas, a Real-Life Batsuit Won't Make You Batman
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The best thing about superheroes is also kind of the worst. Superhero stories let you escape into a world where extraordinary powers and abilities exist, which, in turn, makes the real world seem pretty boring. So it's only natural that some of the more industrious and diehard fans of the genre want to make superhero fantasy superhero reality.

One such fan is Jackson Gordon, a propmaker/design student, who, with the help of a Kickstarter campaign, created a functional Batsuit out of Kevlar, high impact plastic, and impact resistant foam.

It's clear Gordon put a lot of time and effort into developing armor that would meet Bruce Wayne's standards, and the results are definitely impressive. But remember, a suit does not a hero make.

Let's hope the Batsuit is for cosplay purposes only, because when it comes down to it, suit or no suit, the average person is as much a Batman as this guy is a Jedi.

Alas, a Real-Life Batsuit Won't Make You Batman

That said, if Gordon wants to start production on a grappling gun, I'm ready to donate.

[h/t: Uproxx]

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