4 Things You Should Know If You Want to Date Supermodel Behati Prinsloo

(Photo: Getty Images)

Many men dream of one day dating a Victoria's Secret supermodel, and though that dream will remain a fantasy for most, we've gathered some inside information that could help you land one of them. In a recent interview with Us Weekly, VS Angel Behati Prinsloo gave out some personal dating advice.

Here's what you should know if you want to win her over:

1. Keep the first date casual.
"First date it's always fun to go somewhere or do something, like go see a band... not too formal. I don't want to be wined and dined. Just have fun and see if we even like each other. Get some drinks, maybe go to a show or see a movie."

2. So casual you might even want to stay in and cook.
"I love making food. That's always fun."

3. But you better do most of the work.
"Hopefully the guy can cook!"

4. And you should probably cook breakfast.
"My [favorite] is steak and eggs."

The rest is up to you. Go forth and woo Prinsloo.
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