Adam Levine Shows Off His Massive Back Tattoo

The singer is in the mood for some fresh ink.

Adam Levine Shows Off His Massive Back Tattoo
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Adam Levine went under the sea for one of his newest tattoos.

The Maroon 5 frontman opted for some fresh ink last Sunday night. Levine already has an extensive collection of body art, and he clearly decided that it was time to add another one. The massive back tattoo was quite the addition, and it showed off an intricately designed mermaid with long tresses and a large skull in her hands. Levine was inked by his go-to tattoo artist, Bryan Rudolph, from Spider Murphy's Tattoo. In the photo, the Grammy-winning singer was seen getting another tat on his lower back; however, this was the first time he decided to show off his mermaid tattoo to the world. Levine's wife, Vitoria's Secret model Behati Prinsloo, also shared a snap of the finished product on her Instagram.

Kinda have a thing for my trainer 🔥🤓

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Although the insanely large mermaid tattoo is quite beautiful, Levine has previously expressed that his most meaningful tattoos are the “222” on his forearm, which is the singer's lucky number, and the word “mom” that is located on his other arm. Tattoos clearly suit Levine, and the singer will probably continue to get more. Hey, that just means more shirtless pictures of him, and no one is complaining about that, right?

Adam Levine Shows Off His Massive Back Tattoo
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