Benjamin Stockham Talks '1600 Penn' Season Finale, the Magic of 'Once Upon a Time'

Benjamin Stockham is just 12 years old, but he's already got more acting experience under his belt than most people twice his age.

Stockham currently plays the President's son, Xander Gilchrest, on NBC's 1600 Penn, and he recently took a trip to Storybrooke for a juicy guest spot on Once Upon a Time. He's also scored the lead role in NBC's buzzy About a Boy pilot, based on the Hugh Grant film of the same name.

We recently chatted with the young actor about this week's 1600 Penn season finale, his time in Storybrooke, and how he'd love to play Bill Pullman's son in just about anything.

Do you have any favorite moments for Xander in the upcoming 1600 Penn season finale? Or in general?
My absolute favorite Xander moment was getting to wear the fuzzy UGG boots with the sole mission of keeping them away from Skip [Josh Gad]. It made for some funny stuff. There is a lot of stuff going on in the season finale, it's hard to pick a moment.

Was it hard to say goodbye to everyone on the last day of shooting? Did you feel like you guys had sort of become a family for real?
We didn't really say goodbye, more like see you later because we knew we were going to see each other soon. Goodbye seemed too final. We did  see each other again too at the [Television Critics Association] panel and it was like "Yay. I get to see my family again!"

Who made you laugh the most when you were filming scenes for 1600 Penn?
Who didn't make me laugh. Everyone had amazing comedy skills. My favorite moments were when the unexpected line would happen and everyone would crack up. In the "To the Ranch" episode, Jenna [Elfman]'s "Mother Nature!" line was ad lib. The cast and crew laughed for a really long time

You recently guest starred on Once Upon a Time — what's your favorite fairy tale of all time and why?
Good question. I'm gonna say Peter Pan because he gets to play all day and doesn't have to do school. Also, because he got to fly. How cool would that be?

Playing the President's son, going to a magical town…you've had a lot of cool TV adventures lately! Is there a type of role you'd like to play in the future that you haven't gotten to play yet?
I want them to remake The Goonies and I would want to be one of them because they are COOL. I'd also be pretty excited to play Bill Pullman's son again in just about anything because he's awesome!
I saw that you're on Twitter. Is it fun for you to see what the fans are saying and to interact with them a bit?
Okay this is the crazy thing. I've done a season of Sons of Tucson and a season of 1600 Penn. It took one episode of Once Upon a Time for the Twitter thing to really blow up.  It's cool talking to fans.

I also saw on Twitter that you really loved working with Lana Parilla on Once Upon a Time. Why was she particularly fun?
She is funny. She used to do comedies on TV and is a natural comedian. Plus, she was just one of the nicest people and so talented.  

What's your favorite TV show (other than your own)?
That's a tough one, I love TV. I will admit I am kind of addicted to Grimm, Falling Skies, and Teen Wolf. Also, Once Upon a Time because I watched to catch up with what was going on up to my episode.  

What do you like to do when you're not acting?
Finally, an easy one. I love to draw!

The 1600 Penn season finale airs this Thursday at 8:30/7:30c and 9:30/8:30c on NBC.

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