Bethenny Frankel Complains About Being Homeless on 'Real Housewives' Premiere

Because nothing says "homelessness" like having a house in the Hamptons and living in the presidential suite at the Essex House.

Bethenny Frankel Complains About Being Homeless on 'Real Housewives' Premiere

Breaking up is hard to do, but for returning Real Housewife of NYC and former talk show host Bethenny Frankel, it may be the hardest. 

After a drama-filled homecoming with Bravo's long-running franchise, Frankel ended Tuesday's episode in tears after lashing out at her ex-husband for living in the Manhattan apartment she "worked [her] whole life to buy."

While we certainly can't blame the SkinnyGirl mastermind for feeling cheated and defeated, she took it one step further by referring to herself as "homeless." The comment was made as she was riding in a luxury sports shop for office space...after checking into the presidential suite of the Essex House...which she is now living in after a summer in the Hamptons...while waiting for her purchased Tribeca apartment to undergo renovations. Cue the violins.

This emotional backseat moment had us scratching our heads a bit. Why can't the self-proclaimed multimillionaire businesswoman shell out a few extra bucks to get her apartment ready sooner? Why not just lock in a year-long lease with a furnished corporate apartment building until she and her daughter are ready to make the big move? Needless to say, it was a far cry from our definition of "homelessness," which you will certainly witness firsthand if you visit or live in Manhattan. 

Do you think she is entitled to feel this way or is the victim card (which she also used to complain about her failed talk show gig) offensive to those who literally live on the streets? Take our poll below and be sure to sound off in the comment section! 

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