5 Sweet Romances on Netflix to Watch This Valentine's Day

Check out the best under the radar movies to stream with your lover in the hot tub.


Tis the time of year for love to blossom in full. Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to ignore friends and family and concentrate fully on the special someone in your life. So this year why not forget getting a hotel room with a heart-shaped bathtub and stay at home for a romantic movie night?

If you don't know what to watch, we can help. Netflix has a pretty substantial Romance section in its Browse menu. And we're guessing you've seen the usual suggestions—the Annie Halls, Moonstrucks, and Jerry Maguires of the genre. So our picks will stray more off the beaten path. These are the romances on Netflix you may not have seen yet, but definitely should.

[The movies below are available in the American Netflix menu. Apologies if any aren't available outside the States.]

For the Youngsters:

Love Story

Starring: Ryan O'Neal, Ali MacGraw, John Marley, Ray Milland

Admittedly, this is a classic romance that an entire generation has seen, but I'm betting younger ones haven't. Love Story contains one of the most romantic lines in cinema history: "Love means never having to say you're sorry." It's a heartbreaker of a story that I won't ruin. But it's about a star-crossed couple who meet in college and set out into the world on their own. [1970, rated PG, 99 minutes]

5 Sweet Romances on Netflix to Watch This Valentine's Day

For the Quick-Witted:

2 Days in New York

Starring: Chris Rock, Julie Delpy, Albert Delpy, Alexia Landeau

Writer/director Julie Delpy, who hails from the Richard Linklater school of authentic dialogue, infuses 2 Days in New York with the sharp language that's become her signature. The film is a sequel to Delpy's 2 Days in Paris which centers around her character's relationship with an American boyfriend. Since then, she's broken up with him and gotten together with a new American (Chris Rock) whom she moves to New York with. That's where 2 Days in New York starts off. Delpy's French parents and sister come for a visit and cultures clash spectacularly. [2012, rated R, 96 minutes]

5 Sweet Romances on Netflix to Watch This Valentine's Day

For the Scandalous:

Breathe In

Starring: Felicity Jones, Guy Pearce, Amy Ryan, Mackenzie Davis, Kyle MacLachlan

From experimental director Drake Doremus, who works without a script and asks his actors to improvise on set, comes this naturalistic 2014 film about an affair and its far-reaching effects. Oscar nominee Felicity Jones plays a foreign exchange student from England who begins an affair with her house parent and teacher (Pearce). The film is expertly shot and glacially-paced which heightens the drama when the action happens. [2014, rated R, 97 minutes]

5 Sweet Romances on Netflix to Watch This Valentine's Day
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For Herb Aficionados:

Outside Providence

Starring: Shawn Hatosy, Amy Smart, Alec Baldwin, Jonathan Brandis, Jon Abrahams

One of the best hidden gems of the late nineties is this Rhode Island-based rom-com of a stoner who must finish high school at an all-boys boarding school after crashing into a cop car. Dunph (Hatosy) is dejected, but things start looking up when he meets and falls for the most popular girl (Smart) at the nearby sister school. Jane is everything Dunph never thought a girl could be: smart, funny, and able to clear a bong with one hit. [1999, rated R, 96 mins]

5 Sweet Romances on Netflix to Watch This Valentine's Day

For the Secret Lovers

Free Fall

Starring: Hanno Koffler, Max Riemelt, Katharina Schüttler

Love blossoms unexpectedly in the German film Free Fall as two police officers fall for one another while rooming together for riot control training. Marc has a pregnant girlfriend at home, but when the handsome Kay makes a move on him, he doesn't resist. Closeted and confused, Marc continues the affair with Kay, raising suspicions at home when he comes home late. And both men are in danger of losing their jobs if they're found out. Free Fall is a quiet, authentic movie about a love affair that has profound effects on those involved. [2013, rated R, 100 minutes]  

5 Sweet Romances on Netflix to Watch This Valentine's Day
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