The Bizarre 'Transformers' Mythos Hinted at in 'Age of Extinction'

The final scene in the new movie could open up a weird new chapter in Michael Bay's franchise. SPOILERS AHEAD!


Transformers: Age of Extinction gets stranger than any of its predecessors thanks to a lead villain who arrives in a giant spaceship that hints at corners of the Transformers universe so far kept hidden safely away from mainstream audiences. Does this mean Michael Bay's franchise is planning to bring some of those crazy outer space elements to the big screen? Let's explore. [SPOILERS AHEAD!]

When Tessa Yeager (Nicola Peltz) ends up on Lockdown's giant ship, we get a look at some very weird looking aliens being held prisoner there. This is our first real glimpse in all the movies of the expanded universe where the Transformers interact with all manner of space creatures. Then at the end of the movie, a very pissed off Optimus Prime rockets off into outer space to find the "creators" who supposedly sent Lockdown to take him prisoner.

If we get to follow Optimus on his outer space quest in the next movie, it could mean the introduction of any of three strange Transformers creatures. In ascending order of weirdness they are:

The Bizarre 'Transformers' Mythos Hinted at in 'Age of Extinction'

1. Unicron

The ultimate force of evil in the Transformers universe is Unicron, the embodiment of chaos and destruction. This is where Transformers moves into quasi-religious territory. Unicron's existence may be essential to all existence because of the way he balances the forces of chaos and order. His internal computers are constantly evaluating and monitoring time ripples in both the future and past, and he's able to travel between dimensions at will. Whenever he shows up it's bad news. He's a giant Transformer deity more powerful than anything we've seen in the movies, capable of destroying entire planets.

The Bizarre 'Transformers' Mythos Hinted at in 'Age of Extinction'

2. Primus

The creator god of the Transformers is Primus. He's Unicron's twin and is the balancing light and order to Unicron's chaos and darkness. If Optimus Prime finds his creator in the next movie, he'll likely come face-to-face with Primus, which could be awkward because Primus takes the form of the sentient planet Cybertron, homeworld to all Transformers. In the cartoon, Primus' face appears in a large hall on the planet Cybertron. Michael Bay tends to try and reshape the more unusual aspects of the Transformers in his movies, making them more accessible for a general audience, so we're sure if Primus does appear in T5, it'll look somewhat different.

Primus also expands on the quasi-religious stuff we mentioned before. According to Transformers mythology, before the dawn of time there was a being known as "The One." The One created Unicron, then split him in half to create Primus. And thus we have a sort of Transformers holy trinity with The One, Unicron, and Primus.

3. The Quintessons

Without a doubt the weirdest thing in the Transformers cartoons, the Quintessons are a race of tentacled overlords who had a hand in building the first Transformers. According to mythology, the Quintessons built the Autobots to be their slave labor and the Decepticons to be their military might. In the animated Transformers: The Movie, the Quintessons bring Transformers before a floating, tentacled judge with five faces who proclaims their innocence or guilt before invariably feeding the defendant to the mindless mechanized menaces known as the Sharkticons. The judges' five faces embody Death, Wrath, War, Wisdom, and Judgment. And just like it sounds, the Sharkticons are evil shark robots. Here's a sample of Quintesson justice.

And here's a little more on how the Quintessons fit into Transformers history.

So would you be psyched to see the Quintessons in a live action movie? Or should Bay and company avoid them all together? Which of these would you most want to see come to life?

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