All the Best Lines from 'The Expendables 3' Ranked

See how Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Crews, and the rest of the crew ranked. SPOILERS AHEAD!


Expressly developed as a throwback action franchise, The Expendables movies revel in the cheesy one-liners that might ruin more serious fare. And so do we! Honestly if you aren't into the one-liners and winking references in the Expendables movies, why even bother with a ticket? With that in mind we kept track of all the best lines from the new movie just so we could better rank them here.

Take a look at our list, and if you don't see your favorite line, feel free to add it in the comments. SPOILERS AHEAD! (But only if you read the descriptions.)

#16. "Look out for the choppa!" - Arnold Schwarzenegger

When Arnold Schwarzenegger flies in with Harrison Ford and Jet Li to save the Expendables in the third act, he delivers a little fan service by saying the word "choppa," an obvious reference to his most famous line from Predator: "Get to the choppa!"

#15. "Men!" - Ronda Rousey

Former Olympian and MMA fighter Ronda Rousey is the team's only lady, and she dismissively utters this line twice: First when she's working as a bouncer at a New York night club, and again after killing some dudes who never stood a chance against her.

#14. "These guys are pussies." - Kelsey Grammer

Before Kelsey Grammer helps Sylvester Stallone put a new team together, Sly meets him in a Las Vegas parking garage where he's watching two guys mercilessly beat each other up in an underground MMA fight. When Sly asks him, "What about these guys?," Kelsey replies, "These guys are pussies."

#13. "You were stupid enough to get into this mess, and we're the only ones crazy enough to get you out." - Jason Statham

Jason Statham plays Christmas, Sly's right-hand man in The Expendables. When Stallone (Barney) gets himself in trouble after using a new, young team, Statham uses this line to reassure him he's not alone.

#12. Ronda Rousey: "You know, if you were 30 years younger..." Stallone: "I'd be afraid of you!"

Sylvester Stallone and Ronda Rousey trade some witty repartee.

#11. "I haven't had so much fun in years." - Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford plays Bruce Willis' replacement, which means the old timer gets a chance to show off his helicopter flying skills while fighting bad guys. After the fighting's all done he assures Stallone he had a good time.

#10. "I heard you killed more people than the plague." - Randy Couture to Wesley Snipes

I don't know where, but it definitely seems like I've heard this one before. Randy Couture, aka Toll Road, digs it up upon meeting Wesley Snipes, aka Doc, for the first time after the Expendables break him out of some sort of off-the-grid black ops prison.

#9. "He was the knife before Christmas." - Sylvester Stallone to Jason Statham

Jason Statham plays Christmas, who's famously good with throwing knives. As it turns out, so is Snipes. When Statham asks Stallone about Snipes after they break him out, Sly breaks out this gem.

#8. Why'd you go to prison? "Tax Evasion." - Wesley Snipes

Stallone originally invited Snipes to be in the first Expendables movie, but he had to decline because of his incarceration on tax evasion charges that kept him locked up from 2010 to 2013. So of course The Expendables 3 opens with Sly and his team busting Snipes out of jail. When they ask him why he was there, the answer is "tax evasion."

#7. "Old man look at my life, I'm a lot like you were." - The Young Expendables

The younger Expendables take a jab at their older teammates by singing this Neil Young classic on karaoke at the end of the movie.

#6. "I need a job! All I know is killing people, and I do that very well!" - Antonio Banderas

When we first meet Antonio Banderas, aka Galgo, he's desperate for a job, trying very hard to convince Stallone to hire him.

#5. "Jing-a-lang jang-a-lang." - Wesley Snipes

Wesley Snipes says this catchphrase twice. We're assuming it has something to do with all the knives he carries.

#4. "Time to mow the lawn!" - Terry Crews

He says this right before he holds down the trigger on his minigun.

#3. "Why don't you cut me loose so I can open up your meat shirt and show you your heart?" - Mel Gibson

The most graphic line from the movie comes from villain Mel Gibson who says it through gritted teeth while handcuffed in the back of a van.

#2. "I am the Hague." - Sylvester Stallone

Stallone's mission in The Expendables 3 is to deliver Mel Gibson (playing a war criminal named Stonebanks) to the Hague to face trial for war crimes. After a climactic hand-to-hand battle with Gibson near the end of the movie, it looks like Stallone is ready to kill him. "What about the Hague, huh?" Gibson asks. "I am the Hague," Stallone retorts. If you know Stallone's body of work really well, you might see this as a callback to his most famous line from Judge Dredd, "I am the law!"

#1. "Let's get to the choppa!" - Arnold Schwarzenegger

Ah-nuld makes the most of his limited screen time, rehashing his most famous line from Predator twice! Obviously this is the better version.

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