25 Potential Subtitles for 'Speed 3' Now That Keanu Reeves Is Down

25 Potential Subtitles for 'Speed 3' Now That Keanu Reeves Is Down
(Fox) Take it from someone who grew up in the early '90s, Speed was a formative flick. To me, Keanu Reeves will always be Jack Traven; I'm still skeptical of buses, and I still have to stop myself from saying "pop quiz, hotshot." (Yes, it's a sad life I lead, but the point is Speed was a BIG DEAL.) I know I wasn't the only one who was totally bummed and confused when the sequel came out three years later and not only was it a pile of hot garbage, but there was no Keanu in it! What the hell?

After Speed 2: Cruise Control, the franchise needs to be redeemed, and Keanu might finally be ready to do it. Speaking with The Nerdist, he said "sure" when asked if he'd return to complete the trilogy. Now, this hardly sounds like confirmation that this is a go and he was probably just humoring the interviewer, but that's enough for us to ponder what a Speed 3 would look like, starting with the title. Here are 25 somewhat (read: not at all) serious suggestions. (Leave yours in the comments below.)

Speed 3: The Speediest

Speed 3: Road Rage

Speed 3: DUWhy Not?

Speed 3: Full Speed Ahead

Speed 3: Speed Harder

Speed 3: Highway to Hell

Speed 3: Move, Bitch, Get Out the Way!

Speed 3: The Quickening

Speed 3: Tokyo Drift

Speed 3: Mo' Mentum

Speed 3: The Streetz

Speed 3: Air Traffic Control

Speed 3: The Driving Bell and the Butterfly

Speed 3: The Scar Pool Lane

Speed 3: Off the Rails

Speed 3: Runaway Segway

Speed 3: Hot Scare Balloon

Speed 3: Lane Change

Speed 3: Space Race

Speed 3: Xtreme

Speed 3: Pain Train

Speed 3: The Chauffeur

Speed 3: Airplane Mode

Speed 3: Electric Boogaloo

Speed 3: Revenge of the Bus That Couldn't Slow Down

Speed 3: Snowpiercer

Feel free to add you suggestions down in the comments.
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