2015: Did 'Back to the Future Part 2' Get it Right?

The sequel took us to what is now the present back in 1989.

2015: Did 'Back to the Future Part 2' Get it Right?

If there's a let down of any kind in Back to the Future, it's the fact the movie takes us into the past, something we've already seen, as opposed to the future, which the title seems to promise. Of course, the movie is so fantastic, nobody cares about that. Plus, we get our highly-anticipated glimpse of the future in the sequel, Back to the Future Part II.

That film, made in 1989, is full of future predictions. Doc Brown whisks Marty and Jennifer off to the year 2015 where life has changed drastically. Technology has taken over and a stunned Marty walks around taking it all in.

So now that it actually is 2015, what does the film get right? Impressively, it accurately predicts a number of things. Here's a breakdown of the futuristic ideas in BTTF2 and how correct they really are:

1. Videophones - Don't give director Robert Zemeckis and writer Bob Gale too much credit for this one. Videophones, although correctly theorized as the way of the future in BTTF2, are an idea that date back to the inventor of the telephone itself, Mr. Alexander Graham Bell. Plus, we still don't use videophones the way 2015 Marty does. They're much too invasive for constant home use.

2. Double Neckties - Sorry, Marty, this trend never caught on.

3. Flat, wall-mounted, framed TVs - BTTF2 nails this one. Everyone has flat TVs now. Although, like videophones, this is an idea that's been around for a long time

4. Hoverboards - They do exist now, but we're a long way from the popularity and functionality of the board envisioned in BTTF2

2015: Did 'Back to the Future Part 2' Get it Right?

5. Auto-lace sneakers - Nope, nobody wears them. Although replicas of the Nike auto-lace or powerlace kicks Marty wears in the movie have been made, there isn't a popular version. But companies are working on it

2015: Did 'Back to the Future Part 2' Get it Right?

6. Controller-less video games - BTTF2 called it. Motion gaming (like Kinect) now allows users to play without a controller. This idea is mentioned (but never shown) by a future kid, played by a young Elijah Wood, in BTTF2 who rolls his eyes at the vintage arcade game Marty plays in the diner because "you have to use your hands." (Even though the kids aren't down with them, the movie also predicts the staying power of vintage games.) 

7. Jaws 19 in 3D - Although they only made four Jaws movies, BTTF2 does predict the popularity of 3D movies correctly. The idea definitely existed back when the movie came out (remember Captain EO?), but mainstream films were yet to embrace the technology. 

8. World Champion Chicago Cubs - Sorry North Siders, the Cubbies still haven't won the World Series, but there is a Major League Baseball team based in Miami now, as the film predicts. They're just named the Marlins, not the Alligators (full scene in next video).

2015: Did 'Back to the Future Part 2' Get it Right?

9. Handheld e-tablets and e-signatures - BTTF2 doesn't predict the internet or anything of the sort, but it does contain a scene where a guy tries to get Marty to electronically sign a tablet to save the watchtower. Electronic signatures are certainly a thing of the present.

10. Personal electronic glasses - BTTF2 came out near the beginning of the virtual reality craze, but the idea of a personalized pair of glasses that allows you to make and receive calls is ahead of its time. And the scene in BTTF2 showing Marty's kids in their own little worlds with their goggles is spot on.

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