Pop Battle: 'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham vs. 'Tan Mom' Patricia Krentcil

(Getty Images)By now it's well-established that pop cultural infamy does not a successful music career make, but that hasn't stopped a number of reality television and viral video stars from trying to capitalize on their notoriety in song. This week, former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham released the music video for "Blowin'," which is thankfully not about her much-publicized "sex tape" with James Deen, but rather a reflection on celebrity in the Internet age... or something.

"Blowin'" was clearly a bigger budget production than Abraham's previous music videos (yes, there is more than one), oddly juxtaposing shots of Abraham wandering through a breezy field with her daughter Sophia and scenes of her living it up in the club... and tweeting! Abraham seems to be addressing her many detractors in the song's lyrics, which include the total brain-bender "I'm blowin', I'm blowin' all these bullies away."

It is not proving terribly popular with YouTube viewers at present.

It might seem that Abraham is in a league of her own when it comes to her unique songwriting abilities, but she has some competition with another Internet-famous person: Tan Mom, aka Patricia Krentcil. Several months ago the tanning bed enthusiast released a music video of her own, in which she cheekily chants, "I wanna get my tan on (you all are losers) / I'm sexier than the Teen Mom (I am cool, I'm the cool one)."

In my view, the choice is obvious: Tan Mom is a billion times more entertaining than Teen Mom, if for no other reason than her capacity to make faces like this:

She also has an impressive sense of comedic timing, at least when it comes to the word "b**ch." And she didn't force her kid to be a part of the video. Props all around.

But what do you think? Who wins this pop battle?

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