Miley Cyrus Sticks Her Impressively Long Tongue Out 12 Times in Her New Video

(VEVO)The world has been so fascinated with Miley Cyrus' edgy new haircut and massive glut of crop tops to notice another essential element of her new look: Her tongue.

Yes, Miley's massive tongue is the real star of this comeback! Her organ makes an impressive 12 appearances in her new music video, and at such opportune times.

Apparently Miley thinks that exposing her tastebuds will help people understand how raunchy she is. Interesting tactic there, Cyrus.

Let's take a look at her new video by the numbers, why don't we.

Number of Crotch-splosions: 2

Number of Gratuitous Butt Shots: 6

Number of "Bad Girl" Grimaces: 8

Number of Horrific Finger-Slicing Scenes: Too many

(all images via VEVO)

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