Justin Timberlake and Other Stars Who've Helped Their Fans Propose

(Getty Images)On Sunday, Justin Timberlake became a central figure in the relationship of two complete strangers when he cheerfully helped a random fan named Josh propose to his girlfriend Kim at his 20/20 Experience World Tour gig in Louisville, Kentucky.

According to the video description, Josh and Kim were invited onstage after Timberlake's rendition of "That Girl," which was a more appropriate choice than say, "What Goes Around Comes Back Around" or "Cry Me a River." It's unclear whether Kim could hear Josh over the deafening roar of the crowd, but she did appear to say yes. Because who wouldn't want to say yes after all that babymaking music?

P.S. I'm betting Josh wore that lime green shirt so Justin would have no chance of missing him in the crowd.

Timberlake is actually not the first star to help his fans wife up. Beyoncé did that forever ago. Check out this video from a 2009 gig in Ft. Lauderdale, where one of her biggest fans put a ring on it somewhere after "Single Ladies" and before "Halo."

Train has a song called "Marry Me," so they get asked to help out with onstage proposals all the time. Honestly, the Internet is flooded with videos like these. And they're all very sweet. The actual moment goes down around the 3 minute mark.

This guy got fancy with it (videography woo!). After begging Mark Foster to help him out on Twitter, Will popped the question before a sea of Foster the People fans. She said yes, and now their wedding video is up to watch, too, if you're the kind of people who watches strangers' wedding videos.

Bruno Mars' "Marry You" was basically written for YouTube viral proposal moments, so it should shock no one this guy chose a live performance of the song to carry out his big question. Happens around 3:30.

And this one might make you cry. Paramore's Hayley Williams invited a pair of fans onstage midway through their beautiful love song "The Only Exception" in San Diego earlier this year for an unforgettable moment.

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