Pop Battle: Christina Aguilera vs. R. Kelly on Lady Gaga's 'Do What U Want'

(NBC) Confession time: I've been feeling a little bad about how much I like Lady Gaga's single "Do What U Want."

The guilt has very little to do with the song itself, of course, but everything to do with Gaga's collaborator on the track, R. Kelly, who, as many outlets noted late last year, seems to have successfully skirted any real disapproval from the public over his very disturbing behavior. While Kelly was acquitted of child pornography charges years ago, it doesn't change the facts of the case. So yeah, I felt bad. Especially when Kelly himself dismissed any criticism with a stupid football metaphor.

Now Gaga has made it easier to appreciate the song I love by replacing R. Kelly on the track with Christina Aguilera. Thanks, Gaga! Moral dilemma solved.

There are a few crucial changes on the new Aguilera version, which echoes the pair's delicious performance on The Voice's finale last month. There are fewer vocal acrobatics, amazingly enough, and the omission of the line about not giving an F. Christina's a classy lady, see.

So which version of the song really moves you? Are you still on board with the R. Kelly version, or do you appreciate real diva magic?

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