So This Is What Nelly's Been Up to Lately

(Photo: YouTube)It's been a long time since Nelly was the biggest name in hip-hop. He had a nice run in the early '00s, back when everybody wanted to wear their Air Force Ones, drink some pimp juice, and rock a band-aid on their face. Then all of a sudden it felt like Nelly fell off the pop music map, only releasing two albums since 2004, both of which failed to capture the public fervor of their predecessors.

So what's Nelly been up to then? Hangin' with talking bees, that's what.

Yup, Nelly's "collaborating" with Honey Nut Cheerios mascot for a remix of his 2001 hit "Ride Wit Me" called... wait for it... "Must be the Honey." Doing it for the kids, I guess.

“I’ve worked with some very talented artists and thought — I think it’s about time I work with the Bee,” Nelly said of the new gig. “I love the sweet taste of Honey Nut Cheerios and Buzz’s sweet sound on this track. When I hear it, I can’t help but smile.”

Does it make you smile, or just long for the days when Nelly used to get it "Hot in Herre?"

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