Proof: Mandy Moore Hasn't Aged Since Her Pop Star Days

She doesn't drive a lime green Beetle anymore, though.

When you're a pop star, aging seems to be optional — just look to Jennifer Lopez, who's 45, going on 28. The same is true for Mandy Moore. She turned 30 back in April — so she's not actually old — but still looks like she did back when she was a teen pop princess in the late '90s. Remember the time of "Candy" and "I Wanna Be with You"? Of course you do.

Moore even reflected on those times this week. She posted this snapshot on Instagram with the caption, "Cause it's totally normal to be sleeping in a room with your teenage self on the wall. #homefortheholidays #someoneneedstoredecorate"

Proof: Mandy Moore Hasn't Really Aged Since Her Pop Star Days

Clearly her parents haven't forgotten over the years, either.

The images in the collage are all from around 1999, when Moore was only 15. Just look at that sassy blonde! This was three years before her A Walk to Remember Days, four years before she started dating tennis pro Andy Roddick, and nine years before she married fellow musician Ryan Adams.

Here's a side-by-side comparison from 1999 and 2014:

Proof: Mandy Moore Hasn't Aged Since Her Pop Star Days
Epic Records, Instagram

See? It doesn't seem possible that there's 15 years between those pictures, though we're guessing she hasn't driven a lime green convertible Beetle in over a decade or sported this fantastically '90s 'do.

Proof: Mandy Moore Hasn't Aged Since Her Pop Star Days

So, we've concluded that Moore doesn't look old, but if you want to feel old, go ahead and watch the "Candy" music video. You probably know every word still.

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