Last Night's Guns N' Roses Concert Proved That Getting Older Is a Terrifying Prospect

Getting older sucks. Anyone who tells you different is probably the same person who tries to convince you marathons are fun and kale is delicious (so you know they're liars). But as depressing as aging is, it happens gradually enough that we can sometimes fool ourselves into not even noticing its effects. When the waist number overtakes the length number on our pants, we blame it on the brand. When our hairline retreats, we comb it forward. When we start going grey, we start dying. These are the things we do to cope.

But one thing you absolutely do not want to do to make yourself feel young again is follow Guns N' Roses on Instagram, especially after last night's show. Father time is never kind to the rock 'n' roll lifestyle, and it shows.

For context, this is Nicolas Cage and Andrew Dice Clay in 1987:

And this both of them at the GNR show:
As for Axl, he's had an appetite for more than destruction over the years but he's still holding on to his look:
It'll happen to all of us. In fact, it is happening to us. The question is: Will we be able to own it or ignore it like these dudes?
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