10 Reasons Why 'Chuck' Needs to Save the World Again


Once upon a time, there was an underachieving nerd with a CIA computer in his brain. His name was Chuck Bartowski, and we, the people who ate Subway sandwiches in his honor, want him back. 

It's been two years since NBC's quirky little cult show Chuck signed off and Chuck and Sarah sailed off into the sunset (more on that later). In the old days, fans had to resign themselves to never seeing their beloved characters take on more adventures, but it's a new era. If Firefly and Veronica Mars can get their day on the big screen, why not Chuck

Chuck co-creator Josh Schwartz isn't opposed to the idea. He recently told Entertainment Weekly "never say never" — which isn't terribly encouraging, but it isn't terrible discouraging either. Could a Chuck movie really be a thing of the future?

Here are 10 reasons why we think it should.

1. Yvonne Strahovski IS Agent Sarah Walker. 
Sure, the Aussie actress has since nabbed big roles on Dexter and 24, but deep down, she'll always be Sarah to us. (Sarah holding Dexter's baby, Sarah taking care of Dexter's abandoned baby, etc.) A Chuck movie would allow Strahovski to put on her Orange Orange duds and ride again, fully loaded, of course. Who wouldn't want that?

2. Jeffster! deserves another show — if not an American record deal. 
Part Jeff, part Lester (not Jester because that would give people the wrong idea, obviously). The duo's special brand of almost-on-pitch singing and daring theatrics has yet to be matched. The series finale saw Jeff and Lester off to seek their musical fortunes in Germany, but what happened? Were they really loved — by men and women — as promised? The world deserves to know.

3. We never found out what happened to Anna Wu. 
Remember Anna, circa Seasons 1-2? The inappropriately-attired nerd herder with goth inclinations and martial arts moves added her own streak of weird and wonderful to Buy More's band of oddballs. After uncharacteristically dumping Morgan for a Benihana chef in Hawaii, she returned in Season 3 to give Morgan closure, but not fans. Not cool. 


4. Adam Baldwin. 
This is a no-brainer. Basically, it's impossible to have too much Adam Baldwin. While Firefly fans lamented the loss of Baldwin's Jayne Cobb, Chuck fans soon fell in love with his equally prickly, aggressively violent, and totally lovable NSA Agent, John Casey. 

5. Intelligence needs to be put in its place.
Despite the protestations of its creators and stars, CBS's new show Intelligence sure sounds an awful lot like our Chuck. A guy with a computer-enhanced brain works with government agents to save the day? Hmmm. We're not saying Intelligence needs to be put off the air — we just think a big ol' big screen reminder of which super brain came first seems in order. (Don't hurt us, Josh Holloway.)

6. More Awesome, please!
Everything is awesome when you're a doctor, your parents are doctors, your wife is a doctor, and you're played by Ryan McPartlin. What has the muscle-y American actor been doing since Chuck? Good question. We spied a few guest spots on his IMDb page, but none of his recent roles look half as awesome as Captain Awesome. 

7. Mary Elizabeth Bartowski can't retire yet.
Mrs. Bartwoski AKA Frost AKA Linda Hamilton AKA Sarah Connor had a good run on Chuck. Besides never getting her happily ever after with Mr. Bartowski (Scott Bakula), Chuck's mom stayed badass till the end, even offering some crucial anti-Nicolas Quinn intel in the series finale. Can you imagine her knitting or making cookies? No, because she should be kicking butt on the big screen. 

8. Morgan and Chuck's bromance.
Long before we started watching Chuck and long after we had to say goodbye, Morgan and Chuck were the BFFs we wish we knew. From dressing up as the Dune sandworm to swapping powers with the Intersect, Morgan and Chuck were, at times, the real relationship at the heart of the show — Sorry, Sarah. We want more.

9. For Buy-Moria!
Unfurl the flag once more. Out of the ashes of cancellation (and the ashes of that plot development where the Buy More burned down), Buy-Moria should rise again. 

10. And finally, because the last scene can't be the last scene. 
Ahh the feels. All of them. While Chuck fans went through both good times and bad with Team Bartowski (some related to plot and others related to the overall quality of the show), it felt especially cruel to suddenly wipe Sarah's memories in the final stretch. Really?? Sure, it provided a chance for Chuck to succinctly "recap" why he loved her and why they should fight for their relationship, but it meant fans at home said goodbye to an incomplete Chuck and Sarah. The promise of full reconciliation and memory was definitely there, but merely imagining a perfect ending wasn't the ending most of us had in mind. 

Let's hope this isn't goodbye for good. Though, okay, yes, it did make for a nice book end on the series. 

Of course, nothing official has been said about a Chuck return, but we can dream — and continue to buy Subway sandwiches.


I am a former Senior Associate Editor for Livingly Media.