All the Evidence That Sherlock Holmes and John Watson Should Get It On Already


When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable — or, you know, extramarital — must be the truth. That's how Sir Arthur Conan Doyle saw it anyway, and he'd be the fellow to listen to when embarking on a thoroughly scientific and logical investigation of all things Johnlock. 

Yes, Johnlock. The handy portmanteau for one of fandom's most alluring will-they-or-won't-they-or-are-they-even-gay couples on television. If you've watched Sherlock, you presumably know something about it.

We're here to use our brains, Sherlock-style, to ascertain how much — if any — actual evidence exists for Johnlock's romantic existence. Onward to the evidence!

Exhibit A: The Meet Cute
Their eyes met across a crowded morgue... Was it love at first sight — or just annoyance? Sure, Watson and Holmes met in much the same way Doyle wrote it in A Study in Scarlet, over 100 years ago, but a cheeky wink is worth a thousand words, right? Maybe not. Maybe so. What we do know is that two dudes almost instantly agreeing to shack up with each other based on the advice of a mutual acquaintance neither appears to respect much (or ever see again) seems unusual. 

Exhibit B: The Long Stares
Oh, the stares! Perhaps this is just Benedict Cumberbatch's face, but we have to say it is hard to see nothing but platonic manly affection in those bright baby blues. 

Exhibit C: The Protestations
The doctor doth protest too much? Throughout Sherlock, characters always seem to "mistake" Watson and Holmes for a real couple. Holmes never minds, but Watson gets super frustrated. Why can't you just laugh it off, Watson? Does your exasperation shield hidden feelings? Are we reading too much into this entirely? 

Exhibit D: The Domestic Bliss
Not that this is hard evidence per se (or that anything on this list should qualify as "hard evidence"), but this is sort of adorable. Coffee and the paper and matching smiles. This could be you guys every morning, Johnlock!

Exhibit E: The Crackling Chemistry
Yes, bros can have chemistry, but we reserve a special level of chemistry for bros cracking up at Buckingham while one of them is in nothing but a sheet. 

Exhibit F: Whatever This Is

So this is How to Convey Longing on Camera 101, right? We're trying to keep an open mind here, but at least one person behind the camera on Sherlock must be trying to tell us something. Throw in some moody music, and you can make an entire case for Johnlock on this one GIF alone.


Exhibit G: The Peeking John
Whatcha lookin' at, Watson? (And Tom Hiddleston?)

Exhibit H: The Knee Touch Heard 'Round the World
This is the kind of moment fandom dreams are made of. It was powered by alcohol and a night of hard partying — and Watson's nearing nuptials — but whether a touch of friendship or something more, the gesture solidified their enduring closeness (and how drunk they both were). When the two men realized what happened, Watson smiled and said, "I don't mind." Hmmmm.

Exhibit I: The Runaways
No, they're not holding hands — they're binded by handcuffs. The seemingly provocative situation was actually born out of a very unprovocative hostage and police chase situation, but it works as Johnlock evidence. Yup, just look at those stares again. Does anyone on television gaze into each other's eyes as much as Watson and Holmes?

Exhibit J: The Cheeky Bickering
Come on, all the best couples have a little sassy give and take.  With Holmes' big ego and Watson's dry wit, these two have their special brand of bickering down to a science.

Exhibit K: The Tragic (Fake) End
In grand Shakespearean tradition, our star-crossed lovers — okay, not really — seemed to meet a ghastly end in the Season 2 finale. There was a leap, a pool of blood, and a very, very distraught Watson. Maybe Watson was so torn up because, you know, his best friend had just died, or maybe he was struggling with all the things he never got a chance to tell Holmes. 

Exhibit L: The Bittersweet Embrace

So here's what Johnlock enthusiasts have a little trouble reconciling: the whole awkward affair of Watson getting married to a woman named Mary Morstan. Whoops. Holmes was his best man, of course, and the two shared a sweet hug at the reception, but does this mean the ship's dead? Was all this for naught? Say it isn't so...


Well, we say the ship's still afloat. (Sorry, Mary.) Watson and Holmes have shared too much, in between solving murders and dodging the police, to linger forever in relationship limbo. Plus, Johnlock is such a cooler couple name than Jary — or Mohn.

So keep the good faith alive, Johnlock shippers! No one ever said believing in a homosexual romance involving two people that very well could be heterosexual would be easy.

I am a former Senior Associate Editor for Livingly Media.