What the Cast of 'Mad Men' Looks Like When They're Not in 1969

One of the most defining characteristics of Mad Men is the time and place in which it exists. Every detail on the show — from the sets to the clothes to the hair to the accessories — is the 1960s. So even when the stars of the show are done up in ways infinitely more dapper, sophisticated, or cool than we could ever hope to be, they still look decidedly dated, so much so that it's kind of a surprise to see them in the real world.
Don Draper vs. Jon Hamm
Peggy Olson vs. Elisabeth Moss
Pete Campbell vs. Vincent Kartheiser
Roger Sterling vs. John Slattery

Joan Holloway vs. Christina Hendricks
Betty Draper/Francis vs. January Jones
Megan Draper vs. Jessica Pare
Ken Cosgrove vs. Aaron Staton

Sally Draper vs. Kiernan Shipka
Bert Cooper vs. Robert Morse
Harry Crane vs. Rich Sommer
Stan Rizzo vs. Jay R. Ferguson
Michael Ginsberg vs. Ben Feldman
Jim Cutler vs. Harry Hamlin
Ted Chaough vs. Kevin Rahm

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