The ABCs of 'Glee' Shipping


While we were busy watching our favorite chorusing high schoolers grow up on Glee, they were busy falling in love with each other in a dizzying array of combinations. Sometimes those relationships played out on screen, and sometimes those relationships became a thing of fandom legend (and interpretation), rising from between the lines of brief scenes, stolen glances, and heavily choreographed song-and-dance routines. 

In an effort to consolidate the always expanding world of Glee shipping, we've put together a handy primer outlining the various — but not exhaustive — list of past, present, and possibly future relationships. Here's what you may have missed on Glee

A is for Asian Fusion
(Honorable Mentions: Artachel, Artecky)
Also known as Tike and Change Squared, Mike and Tina were the adorable, high-achieving New Directioners who first met at Asian Camp. They dated, but ultimately broke up because of pesky long-distance issues.

B is for Brittana
(Honorable Mentions: Bartie, Blaike, Bike, Blainchel, Blaintana, Bram, Brittana, Brittberry, Brittina, Brory, Buck)
One of the most beloved Glee ships, best friends Brittany and Santana have struggled with love, but Brittana/Santitanny fans have reason to rejoice — their gals are officially back together now.

C is for the Crack Society
(Honorable Mentions: Carma, Cohen-Berry, Changford)
Heads up, Gleeks — do you all know about the Crack Society? It's for fans who love the romantic pairings on Glee that have never been featured (or even implied) on the show. Gabriella Gleek contributed this awesome infographic illustrating the limitless possibilities of real and crack shipping.

D is for Dolly
(Honorable Mentions: Danchel, Doz)
Remember when Gwyneth Paltrow's Holly would come around New Directions? Well, some fans think her character should have gotten it on with rival Vocal Adrenaline's coach Dustin. (And yes, crack ship alert! But that's the last time we'll do that because crack ships are ships too.)

E is for Ellaine
Blaine was worried Adam Lambert's Elliot would steal Kurt from him, but surprise — you can come all aboard the Ellaine ship to imagine Blaine and Elliot actually hooking up instead.

F is for Faberry
(Honorable Mentions: Fabrevans, Finchel, Finntana, Finntany, Flamotta, Fuinn, Furt)
Another wildly popular ship, Faberry is the imagined couple name for rivals/friends Quinn and Rachel. While their heartfelt relationship is palpable on screen, their romance remains a thing of fandom aspiration. Check out the Faberry Team for yourself!

G is for Gingertana
A romance between a guidance counselor and a high school student? So scandalous! So not acknowledged by show writers, but still beloved by fans of Emma and Santana's potential.

H is for Hollister
(Honorable Mentions: Hummelberry, Hevans)
Paltrow's Holly strikes again! Will and Holly did date for a time — and heated up the stage with their undeniable chemistry — but ultimately their romance didn't work out. (Probably because Paltrow had to return to her movie career.)

I is for Irish Berry Jam
This might win the most creative name award, but it's also just bonkers. It's the four-person name for Rory (who's Irish), Rachel (last name Berry), Joe, and Sam. Don't ask us how it would work.

J is for Jachel
Jacob may be a tiny bit obsessed with Rachel — at least that's what we're getting from the stalking and attempting to bribe her away from other guys — but surprise, no real relationship has developed yet.

K is for Klaine
(Honorable Mentions: Kurttana, Kurtbastian, Kurtcedes, Kurtittany, Kurtofsky)
Another beloved (and still afloat) ship, Klaine is the couple name for Kurt and Blaine. After weathering relationship roadblocks, Klaine now lives together in New York City. 

L is for Like
(Honorable Mentions: Lameo, Lartie, Lophad, LynnMotta) 
Credit a dance routine in New Directions' version of "Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)" for the unlikely fandom pairing of Mike and Lauren.

M is for Merchel
(Honorable Mention: Mattana)
Some of the best relationships rise out of rivalry, and Merchel fans hope that Mercedes and Rachel will soon see the light and turn to each other. 

N is for Niff
Oh, Warblers Nick and Jeff... We never really knew you, but we knew you well enough to make up a couple name for you. Now go forth and make sweet music together!

O is for Oh, Really?
Hey, Gleeks, what's up with this? The "O" names are really not representing at McKinley — or in New York City — which makes potential "O" couple names pretty much impossible.

P is for Puckleberry
(Honorable Mentions: Partie, Pezberry, Pinn, Pizes, Puckcedes, Pucktana)
Puck and Rachel were absolutely (and sometimes surprisingly) adorable together, but alas, their love was not meant to be. We're crossing our fingers for at least a duet before the show ends. 

Q is for Quick
(Honorable Mentions: Quartie, Quick, Quinncedes, Quinneth)
So yeah, Puck got around...a lot. However, his most notable relationship has to be with Quinn, the mother of his child, Beth. After many, many rocky years, Quick got their act together and are currently dating. Quick forever!

R is for Rachebelle
(Honorable Mentions: Rorchel, Rorgins, Rormony, Rortana, Rortie, Rorttany,Rovarotti)
Here's an interesting one: Rachel and Sarah Jessica Parker's Isabelle, a high-powered Vogue exec. While it's not the sort of thing Glee would probably pursue, Rachebelle seems primed for fan fiction.

S is for Samcedes
(Honorable Mentions: Sancedes, Samchel, Samtana, Schueberry, Schuevester, Seblaine, Sebtana, Shanecedes,St. Berry)
Stop this on-and-off-thing, Samcedes! We've been fans of Sam and Mercedes' sweet relationship since day 1, but New York City living is proving tough for this cute pair. They're currently on (another) break, but hopefully it's only temporary.

T is for Tartie
(Honorable Mentions: Tyder, Tuitt)
Tina and Artie's romance seems like it was decades ago, but once upon a time, in Season 1, they were a sweet item. Now, they're just close friends. In the future? Who knows.

U is for the Unholy Trinity
(Honorable Mentions: A whole bunch of "unholies" you can find here)
Say hello to the Unholy Trinity, the fierce, catty and always fabulous friendship(ish) of Santana, Quinn, and Brittany. Is there a possible romance here? Probably not, but why complain.

V is for Vixen?
Glee has once again "failed" us in the "V" category. Maybe this show needs vampires — they're always great at igniting romance.

W is for Wemma
(Honorable Mentions: Werri, Winn)
This one took forever, but finally McKinley canoodlers Will and Emma got on the same page, got married, and had a baby. Hooray for love!

X is for eXes
Any high school show worth its salt knows how to milk the ex-relationship, and Glee is no exception. It really is never say never for our singing guys and gals. (Well, until the show ends, of course...)

Y is for Yet
"Yet" is a super important component of any Glee ship. Maybe your favorites haven't professed their love, or kissed, or even, you know, shared a scene together yet, but it all could happen in the magical land of tomorrow. 

Z is for Zoo
What have we learned here? Well, for starters, some letters really are wayyyy more relevant to an ABC list than others, but more importantly, the drama and romance never stops flowing when you gather a bunch of young folks with more talent and hormones than they know what to do with — and you know what? We wouldn't have Glee any other way.

Have your own ABCs of Glee? Let us know in the comments! And be sure to catch up with all your favorite Glee ships on Tuesdays on FOX at 8/7c.
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