'Doctor Who' Stars Are Slowly, Slowly Taking Over Hollywood


Be still my nerd heart — Doctor Who's Matt Smith has just been cast in a "major role" in Paramount's new Terminator trilogy. The announcement is just the latest in a series of high (geek) profile castings that spell great news for Whovians worldwide. Seriously, from Time Lords to one-episode guest stars, Who alums are gradually taking Hollywood by storm. 
Check out some of our favorite rising stars from across the pond who first made a splash in a space-time continuum far away. 

Matt Smith
Doctor Who Role: The 11th Doctor (Seasons 5-7)
Big Hollywood Role: Unknown role in the upcoming Terminator trilogy

Andrew Garfield
Doctor Who Role: Frank, a construction worker in Manhattan (Season 3)
Big Hollywood Role: Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider-Man franchise — nice upgrade!

Karen Gillan
Doctor Who Role: Amy Pond, Time Lord companion (Seasons 5-7)
Big Hollywood Role: Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy

David Tennant
Doctor Who Role: The 10th Doctor (Season 2-4)
Big Hollywood Role: Detective Emmett Carver in FOX's Gracepoint opposite Breaking Bad's Anna Gun

Carey Mulligan
Doctor Who Role: Sally Sparrow in arguably the best new Who ep ("Blink")
Big Hollywood Role: Daisy in The Great Gatsby, plus an Oscar-nominated turn in An Education

Christopher Eccleston
Doctor Who Role: The 9th Doctor (Season 1)
Big Hollywood Role: Malekith in Thor: The Dark World

Billie Piper
Doctor Who Role: Rose Tyler, Time Lord companion (Seasons 1-3)
Big Hollywood Role: Brona Croft in Showtime's Penny Dreadful

Simon Pegg
Doctor Who Role: the Editor (Season 1)
Big Hollywood Role: Scotty in the Star Trek franchise, Benji in the Mission: Impossible franchise

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