Here's Why Jon Snow Will Marry Daenerys Stormborn, Mother of Dragons

He's single, she's single. It's like, totally destiny.

Here's Why Jon Snow Will Marry Daenerys Stormborn, Mother of Dragons

What's the most powerful romance that could happen on Game of Thrones? Why wouldn't it happen? Ross and Rachel got together. Same for Jim and Pam. Wouldn't George R.R. Martin be foolish NOT to get his two lead heroes together? TV shows were built for stuff like this.

Yeah, man. Jon Snow is gonna marry Daenerys Targaryen. 

And not only that. They're gonna ride dragons together against the Night King. And they're gonna melt him like a Popsicle in a hot dog toaster.

Okay, bad analogy. No one has a hot dog toaster. But that's what lies ahead. Doubt it? Here are all the reasons why Daenerys Targaryen will choose Jon Snow to be her lawfully wedded dude.

(**Spoilers and potential spoilers to follow.)

1. Power - First off, marriage on Game of Thrones isn't like marriage in least for nobles. The entire reason that scene with Dany breaking up with Daario was included last Sunday was to foreshadow her "romantic" future. She will marry to forge the most powerful alliance she can in Westeros. She will not follow her heart. 

Daenerys already has the strongest military force by sea and by air so why not add land as well? She'd do okay on her own with all her Unsullied, but marrying Jon Snow would increase her army by huge numbers. Plus, it would give her control of the North, a giant piece of Westeros, and establish her name quickly. Jon is already widely-regarded as the greatest warrior in the realm. Marrying him would give her immediate credibility (as if dragons weren't enough).

Love is NOT a reason to get married on Thrones. (Tumblr | HBO)
Love is NOT a reason to get married on Thrones. (Tumblr | HBO)

2. Bloodlines - The first king of the Targaryen dynasty was Aegon I and he married two of his full-blooded sisters, Visenya and Rhaenys. Incestuous marriage is tradition for the Targaryens to keep their bloodlines pure. Daenerys' own mother and father were sister and brother. So, in fact, the long-awaited revelation that Jon Snow is the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen actually helps his case for marriage to Dany. Nobody knows it yet besides Bran, but Jon is Daenerys' nephew and his half-Targaryen blood should help his case.

3. Strategy - Marrying a Stark would land Daenerys Winterfell and, by extension, control of the North. She would have a home base to operate out of and plan her next moves. To take King's Landing and the Iron Throne, she'll need strategy as well. Stannis Baratheon's fleet was wiped out in minutes at The Battle of Blackwater. Dany will need more than just ships. But, if she attacks the east side of the city by sea with the dragons attacking from the air, Jon's army could attack from the north. Dany will want to secure a partnership with someone who offers her the best fighting chance.

Incest is actually a plus for Jon and his Auntie Daenerys. (Tumblr | HBO)
Incest is actually a plus for Jon and his Auntie Daenerys. (Tumblr | HBO)

4. Common Enemies - Dany wants the Iron Throne and Jon wants to build an army to defeat the White Walkers. Neither will likely happen without the other's help. Sure, Dany could go after King's Landing on her own, but at what cost? It makes sense, she'll look to Jon for help. For Snow, Winter has only just arrived and he's now responsible for a lot of Northeners. Helping Daenerys take the Landing seems like a fair price to pay to consolidate their armies in preparation for the real war to come.

5. Lack of Options - Seriously, who else is Dany going to marry? The noble options are few: Jon Snow, Edmure Tully, Robin Arryn, Euron Greyjoy, and Jaime Lannister. Jon is the clear frontrunner just by eyeballing this group. Edmure is a weakling and is already married with a son. Robin Arryn is a tween fool who's destined for the Moon Door. Dany has already promised to kill Euron for Yara and Theon. And Jaime, well, he seems like quite a longshot. He's even more of a longshot than these other underdogs: Bran Stark (destined for higher things, likely can't have kids); Yara (has nothing to offer after pledging her fleet); Theon (that kids thing again); Littlefinger (in his dreams); Jorah (needs to find that greyscale cure); or Tyrion (as fun as it would be, he's now her Hand and has little to offer. He's also still married to Sansa). 

6. Hotness - Face it, Jon and Dany are the two hottest people in the Seven Kingdoms and TV law says they need to get together. It's the quarterback and the lead cheerleader trope. Scrape everything else about Game of Thrones away and what's left? A show about characters. And, like every other TV show, the two hottest characters will sleep together eventually. 

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