TV Boyfriend Smackdown: Dom vs. Harry from 'Mistresses'


Welcome back to the TV Boyfriend Smackdown! We pit two (or three) of television’s most eligible (and fictional) bachelors against one another, and discuss their merits with regard to three major categories: attractiveness, personality, and potential for capital-D Drama. Based on our spirited debate, we’ll declare a winner, but fear not: you’ll have a chance to weigh in as well.

This week, we’re taking a (long, lingering) look at two of the suitors from ABC’s hottest summer show, Mistresses (which starts again on June 2nd!). Beware of spoilers here — if we’re going to judge thoroughly, we’re going to judge on everything that’s happened so far and we can’t be held responsible for your inability to Hulu or Netflix in a timely manner. Let the smackdown begin!

Lindsay's Take: Oh, Dom. Played by the delicious Jason George (who is on every ABC show ever, seriously: he’s been on Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Eli Stone, and What About Brian, among others), Dom and Savi were co-workers before they became co-lovers. He’s handsome and he’s funny, but does the fact that he and Savi hooked up as an extramarital affair have any bearing on his boyfriendal attributes? Let’s find out.
  • Attractiveness: Dom is one big, hot piece of yum, okay? He’s got those warm, brown eyes, that winning smile, and in reality, I’m even into the goatee (but generally, I like facial hair). Dom is hot. Is this a question? No. Let’s press on.
  • Personality: So let’s get this out in the open: Dom pursued a married (happily, we thought) woman. And that sucks. That’s not cool. But, to play Zimbio’s advocate, Savi pursued him, too. They both broke a commandment or two, and let’s press on from that. Savi and Dom are SAH CUE together. Dom is just really, really sweet and kind to Savi, even before he finds out that she could possibly be his babymama. He sends her on vacation so she doesn’t stress out about their law firm, he helps her around the house when Harry moves out, and he takes her on a super sweet first date. Dom’s a catch. I stand by that.
  • Possible Drama: Dom should learn to pursue unmarried women, and also should not potentially get them pregnant. This is his Achilles’ heel. With married women come angry husbands, Dom, and you don’t need that. If Dom left well enough alone and found a lady who wasn’t legally bound to another, he’d be better off. He would be a knight in shining armor to the right lady (and maybe baby).

Jess' Take:
  • Attractiveness: The whole premise of this show is hot people being hot and hooking up in hot places. Dom is no exception. NEXT QUESTION.
  • Personality: Yes, his first sin was a major one, but it does take two to tango. And Dom did seem truly interested in Savi; like, really interested. Though I can’t forget that Dom went after a woman he knew was married, I can forgive, because he proved himself to be a really nice guy later on. Definitely a catch.
  • Possible Drama: I agree with Lindsay — if Dom were to woo a single lady, he’d be just about perfect. I don’t see any drama on the horizon if you take the affair out of the equation (and hopefully that was just a Savi thing, not an “I do this all the time” thing). He just wants to love ya. He does have super powerful sperm though, so watch out on that front.

Jess' Take: Anyone with the gift of sight can see that Harry is one hot hubby (and Dominic is one hot himstress, which is basically what the entire show is about: eye-candy), but he and Savi’s relationship definitely hit the skids last season on Mistresses. Most of it was Savi’s doing, but Harry played his own part. Which begs the question: Would Harry make a good mate?
  • Attractiveness: I could stare into Harry’s baby blues, caress his soft blonde curls, and listen to him wax on and on in that Australian accent probably for the rest of eternity. I don’t even have more to say on the subject. Harry is attractive. Fin.
  • Personality: I thought Harry was all sweetness...and he was, in the beginning. I understand going off the rails when you find out that your wife had a one night stand and is preggo and doesn’t know who the baby daddy is. Really, I empathize. But Harry turned ice cold and there was NO going back for him, even though Savi was genuinely sorry and expressed as much multiple times. The only thing that changed his mind was Savi’s near-death experience in last season’s finale. Better late than never, I guess, but Harry really showed his true colors for a while there — and they were mean. (Bonus points for saving Joss from sexual assault and generally being a stand-up brother-in-law to her, though.)
  • Possible Drama: Harry’s somewhat prone to sneaking around, stealing paternity results, and lying about his business failure. I smell drama — the secretive kind! And clearly he’s the guy who likes to swoop in at the last possible second and “forgive” everything. Who has the time and energy to have a near-fatal car accident to get him back?

Lindsay's Take:
  • Attractiveness: Harry is hot. And Australian. Is there anything even to say? Plus, the man is a chef. Making me macaroni and cheese from scratch? That’s hotter than those baby blues.
  • Personality: Spite is a really bad quality in a partner. One day, you’re fighting, and the next day he’s just twisting the knife deeper and deeper. Case in point? Harry, who goes absolutely ice cold when he finds out Savi has an affair. Even if you’re hurt, it’s really hard to come to any sort of understanding if you cut your nose off to spite your face, Harry. Got it? That’s the only thing that worries me about him. Otherwise, he seems fun and dedicated to his job, as well as nice enough to let his wife’s...eclectic...sister stay in the pool house.
  • Possible Drama: Like Jess said, Harry sneaks around too much, and he really just needs to let it all out in the open. Business in trouble? Tell her. Mad at her for cheating? Tell her. Wanna know who the daddy is? Just ask. Secrets breed trouble, Harry.

Winner: Dom

We know that Savi and Dom hooked up despite the fact that Savi was married, but Harry’s sneaking and spiteful streak have us just a tad bit worried about hitching to his wagon. Both men are hot, but we’re willing to forgive one transgression versus a potential personality flaw.

Disagree with our outcome? Well, you have a say, too! Just vote for your preferred winner in this round of the TV Boyfriend Smackdown below, and we’ll see you in two weeks for our next match-up!

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