Our Top Ten Music Moments from 'Gossip Girl'

Our Top Ten Music Moments from 'Gossip Girl'
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Gossip Girl had one of the best television soundtracks around during its’ six season run, and we’re big fans of both Gossip Girl and good music. So, without further ado, read on for favorite ten Gossip Girl music moments from the first season and check out the corresponding Spotify playlist! XOXO.

Our Top Ten Music Moments from 'Gossip Girl'Serena’s arrival in New York
- If we could whistle, we’d be whistling the opening to Peter Bjorn and John’s “Young Folks” as we type. And we’d keep whistling it for about a week. It’s that catchy, and it’s the perfect song to soundtrack our entree into the Gossip Girl universe. From the moment we heard this song/saw the opening scene, we were hooked.

The Kiss on the Lips Party - Nearly as important as the very first scene of the show, this scene set the tone for the many, many lavish parties we’d attend alongside the GG crew. It was full of scandal, horrible behavior (remember Chuck assaulting Jenny?!), and gossip, of course. And the music: Albert Hammond, Jr.’s “Hard to Live in the City” for the limo ride and Timbaland’s “The Way I Are” for the actual event? Top notch.

"The Wild Brunch" - Yes, this is an entire episode, not technically a moment. But scoring (almost) an entire, semi-bottle episode with the same Ri-Ri track (“Shut Up & Drive,” as it were) was an inspired choice — and it really amplified all the dramatic twists and turns of the episode.

Our Top Ten Music Moments from 'Gossip Girl'The Blair and Serena BFF Selfie Fest - After navigating a mess with Blair’s mother and her botched photo shoot, freshly recommitted besties B&S run off with some divine Eleanor Waldorf originals and commence with a photo shoot of their own to the musical stylings of Sean Kingston’s “Beautiful Girls.” And it’s awesome.

Blair Takes It Off
- Blair went through an awful lot of self-discovery over the course of the first season. Our second-favorite Blair moment (the first moment is up next, spoiler alert) is when a fresh-from-Nate Blair heads to Chuck’s club, Victor/Victrola (because it’s normal for a 17-year-old to own a burlesque club), and takes it off for the awaiting crowd. “Stripper” by Sohodolls plays, and a star is born.
Our Top Ten Music Moments from 'Gossip Girl'Blair & Chuck Hook Up (The First Time) - Our favorite! After Blair moonlighted as a stripper, she and Chuck headed home in his limo, where they slowly and then passionately hooked up. She then denied it for the rest of the season, but good lord is this the hottest limo scene ever? Yes. By the way, the song is “With Me” by Sum 41.

Dancing at Cotillion
- In one of the rare live music performances on Gossip Girl, The Pierces performed their now-famous (thanks, Pretty Little Liars) “Secret,” providing a both haunting and hip soundtrack to the implosion of Chuck and Blair’s secret relationship in season one. Their performance let us know that we weren’t watching some stodgy old deb ball — because Gossip Girl didn’t do anything the normal, old-fashioned way.

Our Top Ten Music Moments from 'Gossip Girl'CeCe Plots - Serena’s grandmother, CeCe, didn’t exactly hide the way she felt about the Humphrey family. She ends one poignant episode silently suffering from cancer, taking her pills alone in a hotel room as OneRepublic and Timbaland’s “Apologize” (aka the song of 2007) plays. Why? Because she has driven everyone else away. (This is also when Blair "loses her virginity" to Nate, an act that would later see sooo many repercussions.)

Our Top Ten Music Moments from 'Gossip Girl'Blair Is Back...With a Vengeance - We know Little J was paralyzed with fear when her nemesis showed up at her over-the-top madras party to discredit her lies about sleeping with Asher. So how appropriate that Finger Eleven’s jam “Paralyzer” plays as Blair ascends the staircase, looking like the Queen B we all know she is? There couldn’t be a more perfect song choice for this moment. Team Blair approves.

Our Top Ten Music Moments from 'Gossip Girl'Bart & Lily Wed, Dan & Serena Split - Nothing like a Death Cab song to make you rethink all of your relationships, huh? At Lily and Bart’s wedding, Dan and Serena finally figure out they’re not going to work out, and “The Ice Is Getting Thinner” plays softly in the background. Heartbreaking.

Go ahead and rock on while fondly recalling all of Gossip Girl’s best musical moments from season one. We sure are (and we’re still trying to whistle)! And leave your own nominations for Gossip Girl’s best musical moments in the comments — we can always use new tunes...and we’re always happy to reminisce about Gossip Girl.