Watch Every Single Second of Outkast's Coachella Reunion

Getty Images"It's good to be back," Big Boi told the screaming crowd of hipsters and hipster celebrities (and Prince!) at Coachella as the guys took the stage Friday night, their first time performing together in eight years.

The duo opened with "Bombs Over Baghdad" and they closed the night out predictably with "Hey Ya," though it was totally obvious that Andre 3000 is way over that hit. The "shaking like a Polaroid picture" thing is so 2003 anyway. Where's the twerking?! In between, they packed in classics as well as mainstream hits, with the help of Janelle Monae and Future at times, though they had to cut the set short at 1 a.m. Darn curfews.

Anyway, aside from some weird moments — like when they nicely kicked Future out — and the appearance of a stuffed polar bear, the performance was a sweet throwback and reminder of everything we loved about the early '00s.

Check out all 90 minutes of their Coachella performance here:
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