Critics Love Bill Murray as FDR

(Focus Features)

Bill Murray may not seem like the most natural fit to portray Franklin Delano Roosevelt on the big screen. But based off early reviews of his new film Hyde Park on the Hudson, it appears critics are enamored by the comedian's performance.

The 61-year-old actor admitted to Reuters Tuesday that playing the iconic U.S. president posed a serious challenge. "I thought 'Oh God, I'm being asked to play Roosevelt?' ... How do you take this monster on?" he said.

Take on the monster he did. And critics seem rather pleased with the result. While NPR didn't write too positively about the film as a whole — describing the movie's structure as "sort of a mess" — critic Linda Holmes concedes that "an Oscar nomination is a near-certainty" for Murray.

The Hollywood Reporter lauded Murray's performance. Critic Todd McCarthy had this glowing assessment:

"Murray captures FDR's wily side without overdoing it and brings the man alive with humor, alertness, intelligence and a sense of confident composure that seem entirely appropriate."

The film, which also stars Laura Linney and Olivia Williams, hits theaters December 7. You can watch the trailer here:

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