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Brad Paisley First Lady Jill Biden Tours Pop-Up Vaccination Site With Singer-Songwriter Brad Paisley
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Brad Paisley America Salutes You Presents A Tribute To Billy Gibbons, A Live Benefit Concert
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Brad Paisley An Evening with CARE, Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the CARE Package
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Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley Poke Fun at Trump in CMA Awards Monologue

By Cecily Trowbridge on
Maybe next time he'll think before he tweets.Read Full Story

'Rising Star' Is the New Singing Competition Show for the Instant Gratification Generation

By Lani Conway on
(Getty) There's a new singing competition show in the works called Rising Star and it features Kesha, Ludacris, Brad Paisley, and Josh Groban. As much as we've definitely tired of shows like American Idol and The Voice, the concept behind the series surprisingly has us intrigued.  Here's how the show works: Performers will sing in front of a wall and watch as viewers vote "yes" or "no" from their phones. If the singer gets enough votes, the wall in front of them will rise and reveal them to...Read Full Story

Brad Paisley and LL Cool J Collaborated On Another Song That Isn't About Racism and It's Not Awful

By Alicia Dennis on
(Getty Images)Truth be told, I feel a little sorry for Brad Paisley. Though his song "Accidental Racist" is one of the most embarrassing releases in recent memory, the man really does hope he does more good than harm with his bonehead exploration of racial prejudice in the country world. And framed in the context of contemporary country music, his lyrics aren't that ridiculous (maybe)."Accidental Racist" wasn't the only song Paisley recorded with LL, even if it's the only one people will...Read Full Story

Brad Paisley Discusses 'Accidental Racist' With Jay Leno

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On Wednesday, Brad Paisley visited The Tonight Show with Jay Leno to discuss, among other things, the fallout over his collaboration with LL Cool J, "Accidental Racist." The country star insisted that the song "is honest, and comes from a good place," and also says that LL called him to tell him about the Internet backlash. He didn't explain why he allowed LL to drop lines like "If you don't judge my gold chains, I'll forget the iron chains."Read Full Story

Brad Paisley Attempts to Explain His 'Accidental Racist' Duet with LL Cool J

By Darrick Thomas on
Brad Paisley's new single, "Accidental Racist," has caused quite a stir on the Internet. The song, which features a significant contribution from LL Cool J, is an attempt to bridge the gap in understanding between the country crowd and the hip-hop crowd. Once the track hit the web though, Paisley's good intentions were met with everything from skepticism to laughter, so during his interview on the Ellen Show, the singer took the opportunity to tell the world where he and LL were coming from...Read Full Story