Miley Cyrus' Family is Taking Over the Internet

YouTubeSeriously. Well, uh, "Seriously Cyrus." That's right, Miley's family now has their own official YouTube channel.

The whole thing seems to be orchestrated by Brandi, Miley's 26-year-old sister, who's the next rising star of the family. We haven't seen her twerk, but she is in a band and will be bringing you style news — as well as recapping her family's social media musings each week on the channel.

Mama and Papa Cyrus aren't being left out either. Tish will be hosting a web show called "Truly Tish" that looks like a talk show of sorts. Billy Ray's in charge of "Sunday Sessions," which will hopefully include "Achy Breaky Heart" as well as covers of "Wrecking Ball" and "Can't Stop" — just for funsies.

Noah, 13, is in charge of "Take 2," in which she and her friends remake "classic movie scenes." So... Clueless?

Miley's tattooed brother was on the video promo for "Seriously Cyrus" but it doesn't look like he has his own segment. But we'd love to take a deep dive into his tattoos. He has TONS of them.

It's unclear if Miley will have any involvement in the channel, but her headshot is plastered all over the logo. Obviously. Perhaps she'll have more time for YouTube when she gets bored of high-cut leotards. (Which will be never.)

Check out the promo for "Seriously Cyrus":
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