Learn How Britney Spears' Relationship Fell Apart

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Britney Spears and Jason Trawick were in love. They were engaged. And then, it all fell apart.

But how did the relationship crumble? Well, according to an unnamed source who spoke to People, things got rocky in mid-December, at which point Spears stopped wearing her engagement ring. As Christmas inched closer, things got icy, fast.

"They were not affectionate and instead just seemed to keep things going for the boys' sake. Britney looked a bit gloomy and tense over the holidays," said the source. It's not unusual to be tense over the holidays. Just ask the Griswalds. But seeing as Spears is now single — the couple split last week — the source was likely on to something.

Trawick and Spears began dating in 2009, and had been engaged for a year. During the early months of her engagement, Spears reportedly spent "hours online looking at dresses and dreaming" of her big day. But after coming up against some non specific "challenges and hurdles," the relationship fell apart, adds another anonymous source.

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