Noted TV Critic Britney Spears Is a 'Breaking Bad' Finale Naysayer

(From Getty Images | AMC)It turns out Britney Spears is a Breaking Bad fan, and while she says she watched the finale along with everyone else, she might have a bone to pick with series creator Vince Gilligan. Apparently she didn't like how the whole thing ended.


"I thought it was really sad," Britney told Z100 on Monday. "I didn't like it at all. I didn't think he should have died."

She even had a suggestion for the show, should AMC decide to reunite Gilligan, Bryan Cranston, and the rest of the BB crew.

“Maybe they’ll do another episode where the ambulance like comes and revives him or something."

Hopefully some very devoted Britney fan is already working on a fan version of this ending for her.

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