Burton Uses Playboy Models to Sell Snowboards

A photo of the Burton's 2009 line of Coalition boards, titled "Love." (Images Source Photobucket).

If you've always dreamed of combining your passion for snowboarding, with your passion for naked women, then Burton's new line of snowboards is just for you.

The "Love" line of Burton's 2009 Coalition snowboards is causing a little bit of an uproar from snowboarding fans. Well, most likely from their parents.

The boards feature blowup vintage Playboy photos. Except for a few bare behinds, the images are actually pretty innocent. Still, some consumers aren't happy.

Despite this, Burton will continue to sell the boards. The company says the images are discrete and the line will only be sold in certain stores, where the boards will be wrapped up. Plus, in order to even think about buying the boards you have to be 18-years-old.

Personally, I'm excited for the coming snowboarding season. I can't wait wait to see vintage nudy pics flying down a snowy mountain-side at lightening fast speeds. Awesome.

Do you think the snowboards are inappropriate? Take the poll here.

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