Capt. Castro Could Be Toughest Blind Guy Ever

Everyone knows the soldiers in the U.S. Special Forces are some of the toughest toughguys on the planet, but how badass is Capt. Ivan Castro?

This guy went blind stopping a blast of shrapnel with his face and he didn't say "okay that's it, I'm going home." No, Capt. Ivan MF-ing Castro stood up, got himself back together and requested to be placed back on active duty.

And in case you think he's kidding around, Castro ran and completed the Boston marathon this year. Sure he had a guide, but how many marathons have you run without the assistance of your eyesight? Oh none? That's what I thought.

Now the Captain is back with the 7th Special Forces Group at Fort Bragg, teaching Spanish to his fellow soldiers and learning the terrain by counting his steps.

Image: AP