#30: Cara Dickey

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#30: Cara Dickey Name: Cara Dickey School: South Buffalo Charter School City: Buffalo, NY Age of Teacher: 29 Age of Student: 14 Rank: 30 Charges: Two counts of second-degree statutory rape Summary: Cara Dickey, a 29-year-old teacher at South Buffalo Charter School, was fired from her position at the school after school administrators discovered a cell phone containing romantic texts between Dickey and a 14-year-old male student in June of 2008. She...Read Full Story

Cara Dickey Fired Over Inappropriate Relationship

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Cara Dickey, the South Buffalo Chart School teacher who allegedly carried on an inappropriate relationship with one of her students has reportedly been fired.The 29-year-old teacher disappeared after being escorted from the school's premises Monday, and was found sleeping in her car the next day. Meanwhile, the 14-year-old student she allegedly had a relationship with left school early and was found Tuesday wandering around a local mall. It's still unclear as to whether the two had spent any...Read Full Story

Buffalo Teacher's Relationship with Student Investigated

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Police are now investigating an alleged inappropriate relationship between Cara Dickey, a 29-year-old Buffalo teacher, and her 14-year-old student Nicholas DeJesus, after he disappeared Monday night.DeJesus, a student at South Buffalo Charter School, was found the next day wandering around a local mall, while Dickey was found sleeping in her car in Tuesday morning.Although Dickey, a married mother of three, was described by school officials as popular and highly regarded by students and...Read Full Story