#30: Cara Dickey

 #30: Cara Dickey
Name: Cara Dickey
School: South Buffalo Charter School
City: Buffalo, NY
Age of Teacher:
Age of Student: 14
Rank: 30

Two counts of second-degree statutory rape

Cara Dickey, a 29-year-old teacher at South Buffalo Charter School, was fired from her position at the school after school administrators discovered a cell phone containing romantic texts between Dickey and a 14-year-old male student in June of 2008. She and the boy disappeared later that day. Dickey was discovered the next morning, sleeping in her car, while the boy was found in a nearby mall. She had apparently supplied the boy with rum, Tylenol, and NyQuil as part of a suicide pact. Dickey was charged with unlawful imprisonment, promoting a suicide attempt and and endangering the welfare of a child. In August of 2008, she was also charged with rape, after police say she met with the boy sometime after the first incident and had sex with him at least twice. In March of 2009, she pleaded guilty to two counts of second-degree statutory rape, and was sentenced to four years in jail in addition to an official sex offender designation.

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