Pink And Carey Hart Stay Strong at Number 51 on the 100 Hottest Celebrity Couples List

(FameFlynet Pictures) more pics » Pink (FameFlynet Pictures) They've had their troubled times, but the last few years have been good to Carey Hart and Pink. And now they have another reason to celebrate; they're at number 51 on our fourth annual rundown of the 100 Hottest Couples in pop culture.

Pink and Carey Hart got married in 2006, separated in 2008, got back together in 2009, and welcomed their first child in 2011. The last six years have been a rollercoaster, especially when you factor in the hit songs and touring in between. The new mom is currently working on her sixth album and one day hopes to have a traveling family band. Baby Willow Sage isn't exactly singing or dancing quite yet, and we're not sure if the BMX racer can carry a tune, but we have a feeling the feisty rocker could still pull it off.

For those curious about our process of ranking these couples, this year we've refined our definition of "hotness" to rank 100 celebrity couples using the following criteria: Staying Power, Popularity, Success, and Attractiveness. The resulting list includes hot pairings made up of models, singers, actors, ex-wrestlers, reality stars, and more. While the hottest couple of them all, Beyonce and Jay-Z, has been on our list for four years now, 24 of these famous duos also made their debut. Check out the entire feature here.

Another couple who have had their ups and downs but return to our list is Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake. What a Hottest Couples roller coaster these two have been on. They came in at No. 8 in 2010, were broken up and off the list in 2011, and bounded up to No. 6 this year. So how did they crack the top 10 for their re-appearance? JT made three movies in 2011, has another in the works, and had time to host another hilarious episode of SNL. Plus, he proposed with a huge ring! The bride-to-be has four movies on the horizon, including the highly anticipated Total Recall remake. And it helps that both stars are incredibly easy on the eyes. Their wedding pictures are going to be out of control! Welcome back, you two. You were missed.

Celebrity couples aren't limited to music and movies. Prince William and Kate Middleton are getting ready to celebrate their one-year wedding anniversary and the power couple is still at the top of their game. The Duchess, who has yet to have a bad hair day, is a darling with newshounds and fashionistas alike. She spends her time visiting sick children and performing various royal duties. Meanwhile, her prince rescued two sailors in November and nobly extended his career with the military until 2016. The college sweethearts still have a legion of loyal fans and they always will, unless Middleton suddenly stops wearing beautiful dresses.

100 Hottest Celebrity Couples of 2012
100 Hottest Celebrity Couples of 2012
Find out which of Hollywood's most famous pairs have it all: success, attractiveness, popularity and staying power.

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