Dancer Claims Casper Smart Is Using Jennifer Lopez, Posts Embarrassing Photos


Behold: The exact type of photo that comes back to haunt anyone who's ever been to a theme party. (via Twitter)
Note to everyone with any intention of living in the public eye: If embarrassing photos or videos of you exist, chances are they're going to hit the internet.

This week Casper Smart is trying extra hard to ignore pictures and rumors tweeted by Joshua Lee Ayers, a dancer who worked with Smart on the flick Step Up 3D. Ayers, who was worked for Fergie, Ludacris, and Diana Ross, among others, has been posting jabs at Smart since March, alleging that Lopez's boyfriend is an opportunistic "cheater" who used another woman to gain access to the artist formerly known as J.Lo.

In addition to dismissing Lopez and Smart's relationship as  "Not love, a lot of business and public relations," Ayers repeatedly posted a snap of Smart in a pair of glitzy, clearly stuffed gold lamé short shorts and a fuzzy hat.

The couple's rep, Mark Young, told RadarOnline that Ayers' tweets were "born from envy and jealousy," noting, "It must be a slow news day."

Lopez is likely unfazed by the photos; Having battled with her first husband Ojani Noa over private photographs and videos for years, the star is all-too familiar with being sold out by former friends.

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