Kanye West Wholeheartedly Approves of Kim Kardashian's Sexy Swimsuit Selfie

For a while there, it seemed like maybe Kim Kardashian was starting to retreat from the spotlight that has followed her and her family for the past several years. After the birth of her daughter North West earlier this year, Kim spent several weeks out of public view — quite the feat, considering how many paparazzi were hunting for the first pictures of her "post-baby body" (sigh). She also limited for online social actions to just a few posts here and there, and developed a cynical attitude towards the photographers who were once integral to building her brand.

But then she posted a swimsuit selfie, and made it clear that she's not shrinking away from fame.

(Instagram)Kim didn't bother to give the picture a caption, writing only "#NoFilter." But the picture needed no caption, because holy heck.

Naturally, Kanye West had the best reaction OF ALL TIME:

The selfie comes on the heels of some sad news for the couple: Ms. Kardashian is still not eligible for a star on the Walk of Fame, despite her baby daddy's impassioned words on the matter during last week's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. She needs to win a Grammy, Emmy, or Oscar first. The obvious solution: Kanye should invite Kim to guest on his next big single, and then they can win a Grammy together.

She's already a veteran in the studio.

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