The Day in Celebrity Twitter Pics — April 24, 2013

Ever wonder what the rich and famous do while you're stuck behind your desk at a day job? Well, look no further than their TwitPics. Here's the latest from the land of celebrity social media.
Beyonce continues to show off how awesome her Mrs. Carter Show is.
Beyonce Knowles Twitter PicsBeyonce Knowles Twitter Pics
Selena Gomez had some fun with bubbles.
Selena Gomez Twitter PicsSelena Gomez Twitter Pics
The Rock recovered from surgery in true Rock fashion.

Mariah Carey had a movie night with her twins.
Mariah Carey Twitter Pics
Miley Cyrus took a selfie of her taking a selfie and then hit the studio.
Miley Cyrus Twitter PicsMiley Cyrus Twitter Pics 2
Rihanna had more bikini time before hitting the strip club.
Rihanna Twitter Pics Rihanna Twitter Pics
Snooki modeled with a hoola-hoop and some really big shoes.
Snooki Twitter PicsSnooki Twitter Pics
Ellie Goulding rocked a crazy new tights/boots combo.
Ellie Goulding Twitter Pics
Rita Ora got some new clothes.
Rita Ora Twitter PicsRita Ora Twitter Pics
And revealed his backup dancers from the future. Twitter Pics
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