So What Does Justin Bieber Have to Do With Selena Gomez's Stint in Rehab?

(FameFlynet)This week, a rep for Selena Gomez confirmed that the young performer spent two weeks in treatment last month to handle "emotional issues." The rehab stint followed the surprising cancellation of the Australia and Asia dates on Gomez's Stars Dance tour.

Naturally, everyone's wondering if her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber has something to do with it, given his recent spate of bad behavior. TMZ went for the explosive headline, claiming that Gomez blames her problems squarely on Bieber — with the help of nameless sources, of course. Bieber fans, it should be noted, are getting spectacularly indignant on Twitter.

It's likely that Justin has played a role in the "exhaustion" that prompted Selena to seek treatment, but probably not as directly as everyone suggests. First heartbreak is always brutal, but it has to have been particularly rough for Gomez, who has been forced to see her name linked to Bieber's repeatedly in the press. The very outlet that first published reports of Gomez in rehab, Radar Online, just yesterday published the story "Justin Bieber Boasted He Knew Selena Gomez Was ‘In Love With Me When She Gave Me Her Virginity.'" 

That's enough to make anyone want to retreat from the spotlight... if not society altogether.

There's also the fact that Justin Bieber's "bad boy" antics have become an absurd news staple. Just today, NBC News devoted a ridiculous number of words to a story about Bieber hotboxing a private jet. Just look at how much space he takes up on their homepage:

Props to Selena for handling her personal issues with grace and maturity — it's really hard to know when it's time to focus on oneself no matter what, and must be even further complicated when you're an international superstar who faces seemingly endless scrutiny on a day to day basis.
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