Ryan Lochte Knows That 'Pool Water' IS the 'Gentle Musk of a Man'

Ryan Lochte's got mad swim skills, he has a much talked-about reality TV show, and now he has a pretend cologne on the market. In a new Funny or Die skit, the Olympic medalist-turned-reality TV star gets his schmooze face on, sets the jazzy-sax track low, and gives a pitch he's sure will turn you on to his new fragrance line "Pool Water."

Lochte even rhymes ("Dab a dab on the wrist, ladies can't resist"/ "Tripple over your head, that's what I said"), dramatically winks, and talks about the special gold medal-melted ingredient he's added. "Or maybe you could put a little sprinkle tinkle under your nose so just only you can smell it," Lochte says before adding: "It'll be our little secret." Well, actually it won't be when you have to go to the hospital for chlorine inhalation and explain to the doctors what happened. Jeah!
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