Ryan Lochte Has Some Interesting Ideas About Dating

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When the world got a look at Ryan Lochte during the 2012 Summer Games, he instantly became one of the most desired bachelors in the pop culture landscape. (This was especially true for women whose list of boyfriend must-haves ranks "conversational skills" well below "looks in a speedo.")

Ryan Lochte Visits Now with a new reality show on the way, Lochte can afford to be picky when it comes to the ladies. Although, his newfound fame hasn't really changed his strategy when it comes to finding a mate. "Before the show, I thought I knew what I wanted in a girl. I’d go to a bar, or be somewhere, and I’d ask the most attractive girl there out on a date," the gold medalist tells Elle.com. "That’s how I used to be."

But how is he now? "During the show, I met a lot of women — because of going out in all the different places [we filmed]. And, [again], I looked for the best-looking girl in the room to talk to and ask out — just because she was nice to look at. But, now, I want to get to know her before I go on a date."

So what happens if you are the hottest girl in the room and you want some of Mr. Lochte? Well, you better learn to live the lifestyle. "It’s usually something about my lifestyle that women can’t keep up with," says Lochte. "I’m an Olympic athlete, so there are a lot of obligations that I have for my sponsors. I’m on the road sometimes, and I’m not always there every day. Girls don’t seem to understand this — that kind of lifestyle — unless I were to date another Olympic athlete."

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