Blake Lively Shares Precious Video of Daughter James on 'Fallon'

No paternity test necessary, this kid is definitely Ryan Reynolds'.

Blake Lively Shares Precious Video of Daughter James on 'Fallon'

Blake Lively debuted the very first video of her 1-year-old daughter James on Friday's Tonight Show, and we're pretty heavily in love with that curly mop of blonde hair.

During Lively's last appearance on the show, she was ever so generously gifted with a life-size cutout of Jimmy Fallon to bring home to her family. But, as The Shallows actress puts it, that cutout has since caused some problems of the parental persuasion.

The figure "messed up [Lively's] home life a bit" because, well, her daughter isn't so sure of the true identity of her father any longer.

So, James...who's your dada?

In the video, James can be seen approaching paper Jimmy to give him a kiss. Cute enough, right? But when Lively asks her daughter where her "dada" is, James points straight at paper Jimmy.


"I hope Ryan [Reynolds] isn’t watching tonight," Fallon laughed after the clip finished, while Lively was there to take it all the way: "I think I should do a paternity test," she said. "Right here, live on air."

Lively is currently expecting her second child with Deadpool actor Reynolds and if this next little one is anywhere near as adorable as James, they may just go home with the title of Hollywood's most gorgeous nuclear family.

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